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Beyond the Obama Biceps

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Finally, the coverage of Michelle Obama is moving beyond her pair of sculpted shoulders and shapely biceps. As noted in today’s New York Times, the importance of eating healthy, fresh, local foods is emerging as one of her signature issues. Last week she even rhapsodized about the steamed broccoli she was serving to homeless men and women at Miriam’s kitchen, which serves only fresh food, nothing canned or processed, to the poor.

Some of the tasty tidbits in the article: The White House gets fresh fruits and vegetables from farms in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, and even served organic wine to the nation’s governors at the first big post-inaugural White House bash last month. The First Lady is taking a higher profile on the importance of healthy eating than Laura Bush, who insisted that fresh, organic foods be served at the White House but didn’t broadcast the fact—you know how some Republicans feel about arugula-eating elitists.  

Arugula vs. Moose Meat

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

So far in this year’s presidential campaign we’ve heard about sexism, ageism, racism, and other social ills. Well, what about phytoism?  How come it’s socially acceptable to put down plants? Why is it elitist to eat arugula (or frequent “fern bars,” or drink beverages made from coffee beans), but not elitist to dine on a trophy animal? As one of my favorite bloggers pointed out today, arugula is available at any local McDonalds, but there isn’t even a website that sells moose meat, which all of a sudden is considered as American as Thanksgiving turkey.