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Great Idea Department

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Coming to a skyscraper, box store, or barn near you: Wildlife artist Thierry Bisch, mural painter Daniel Boulogne, and the IUCN, which compiles and publishes the Red List of imperiled plants and animals, are teaming up to create enormous portraits of endangered species (read animals) on building facades around the world. Imagine the adorable mug of a mountain gorilla (Red List: Critically Endangered) peering out from the walls of your local Home Depot.

Great idea. But (okay, so I’m beginning to sound like a broken record) what about the plants? There are plenty of botanical artists who can do an awesome titan arum, vampire orchid, or venus flytrap.

Adopt a Botanical Painting

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

You can help Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew save the work of prolific Victorian botanical artist Marianne North by “adopting” one of her works. The paintings range from still life portraits—like the depiction of clove foliage and flowers draped over the side of a table, with halved and whole mangoes and the Hindu God of Wisdom in the background—to landscapes, gardens, animals, people, and buildings around the world. In the online gallery it’s possible to browse the collection by plant group, country or continent, category, or price. Funds raised from the adoptions will pay for the modernization of Kew’s 120-year-old Marianne North Gallery, which according to the Garden has a roof that is “no longer sound,” walls that “are not always weather tight,” and no environmental controls.

You don’t get to take the original home, but your donation of £1,000, £750 or £500 (depending on the painting), which can even be paid in monthly installments, entitles you to a print, an invitation to the opening of the refurbished gallery, and other perks.