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They Do It Big

Monday, January 19th, 2009

China, which gave us the Great Wall and is currently constructing the Great Green Wall, recently announced its latest super-sized project, the world’s largest solar power plant, a vast array of photovoltaic panels. This is good news for the solar industry, but the 1-gigawatt facility will barely put a dent in the country’s carbon emissions—in 2006 alone, 90 GWs of coal-fired power reportedly came on line in China.

Great Green Wall

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

It’s telling that while China’s first Great Wall was built to hold back warrior horsemen from Central Asia, its new Green Wall is designed to counteract human-caused climate change.

Fifty years of forest cutting have left few trees to block the ferocious sandstorms that have pushed the Gobi Desert southward, ever closer to Beijing. According to a new study, the Green Wall, a 70-year project to plant a 2,800-mile shelterbelt of trees, could lead to an increase in precipitation of up to 20 percent and decrease the temperature in the area. The project also will improve relative humidity and soil moisture, and reduce prevailing winds. It is expected to be an international model for dealing with hotter and drier conditions expected due to climate change.