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Meatless Monday

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

When I was a kid, we didn’t eat meat on Fridays. I came from a Catholic family, and like most Catholic families, meatless Fridays were a commemoration of the crucifixion and death of Christ, which according to scriptures occurred on a Friday. Not being all that impressed with the rituals of Catholicism, my brother and I held our noses and ate the standard end-of-the-week fare—fish cakes or fried flounder. But like millions of other kids we survived. In fact, we were probably healthier for having avoided still another evening meal of beef stew, hamburgers, or pot roast.

Now a new movement called Meatless Monday is gaining traction. The goal of the campaign, which is being promoted in association with Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, is to reduce meat consumption by 15 percent to improve personal health, reduce our carbon footprint, and conserve resources like fresh water and fossil fuel. Last month Ghent, Belgium became the first city in the western world to go meatless once a week, although they’re doing it on Thursdays instead of Mondays.

On the Meatless Monday website, you can find information on seasonal fruits and vegetables, including recipes, check on who’s going meatless, and take the Meatless Monday pledge yourself.

Fighting Obesity With a Farmer’s Market

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Faculty and students at The University of Texas School of Public Health Brownsville Regional Campus have come up with a new way to combat obesity and related diseases like diabetes—a farmer’s market

At the Brownsville Farmer’s Market, shoppers can find a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers at low prices. On-site nutrition, obesity, and diabetes information is provided, and a weekly health booth makes it easy for area residents to be screened for diabetes and other illnesses.

Organizers hope the market will spark an interest in creating community gardens and eventually a co-op.